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Romantic candle light wedding

Romantic candle light wedding
Wedding features: candle wedding is very romantic fashion of wedding, in MC wonderful of narrator and beautiful of music sound in the, full of lights turned dark, whole ceremony more explicit sacred color, hostesses put wedding hall door open in spent child of led Xia, with with elegant, warm of melody, Chase light lamp always follow with pair new, smoke device while also open, as tide of applause again sounded. New in entrance, carpet of one-third at, by wedding steering or spent child put has lit of fire device, handed new, new from seat mouth of first table began lit candle, and on each table guest of applause blessing, expression himself sincere of thanks and tribute, dang new last lit wedding ceremony subject candlestick Shi, candle wedding ceremony reached climax, new common from minimum at of candle lit up flame, after lit circled up of 18 root small candle or 18 only water floating wax, last will middle of subject candle lit, Wedding wedding with a narrator once again the atmosphere was promoted. New people lighter candlesticks on the edge of both into, prepare, into the toast at the wedding ceremony programs. Candle wedding is wedding ceremony Symphony in the of second movement, is in wedding MC of steering Xia, completed has first movement part, that: new into Wedding Hall---MC questions----witnesses Mr----Exchange keepsake-----marries people Mr-----, thank you so much parents----new changed----couples on worship----cut cake----pour champagne-----, thank you so much guest----common toast blessing-----bride for late dress Hou for of.
Again after swapping evening dress of the bride and groom to the Wedding Palace gate. Hall doors will close again, the couple was waiting outside the door. At this time, the second movement----will enter the wedding candle ceremonies: in the beautiful sound of music nice narration and master of ceremonies, house lights dimmed, hostesses doors open aisle, led by flower girl, along with the elegant, warm melodies, the groom, the bride appeared again, chasing lights following the couple.
New people at the entrance of "happiness" took the Steering has ignited the lighter before, starting from the seat of the first table lit candles, waved and table/guest wishes to express their sincere thanks. (If more than 20 tables number of tables and crowding, may also take the lighted road sign on both sides of the candle on the table then the table and table).
When new people into the wedding at the front, smoke machines, bubble machines, cold Fireworks bloom. At this time, the new lowest common candle candle flame, after hovering lit up 18 floating candles (if time is limited, floating candles can be lit in advance), and finally the subject at the top of the candle (the eternal love candle) lighting, candlelight ceremony culminating, smoke machines, bubble machines, cold Fireworks bloom again. Wedding wedding atmosphere to a climax with a narrator again then announced the wedding to begin.
Couple both to sit and prepare enter the toast at the wedding ceremony program
Featured wedding candles wedding process
Candlelit wedding tips:
1. Guests candleholder:
Vertical single-layer dome candle holder made of flowers or silk flowers, flowers with white roses and lilies, supplemented by leaves, together with a small number of shades of pink and jade rose, placed in a catering Center of turntable.
2. New main table candle holder:
Main table candle holder in order to highlight the effect should be vertical double flowers, the Monogram can be similar to the guests candlestick, the guest seat holders and new main table holder, are inserted in the middle of a white or Gold candle.
3. Candle wedding candle holder:
Center of attention, is the wedding table Candle wedding candle holders.
4. Candle lighter for the wedding:
Currently popular lighter gas lighter, length 58 cm implies that we develop, lighter grips are made of white flowers, silk flowers, green leaves, with a golden Ribbon.
5. Candle-lit wedding ceremony other layout requirements:
A, red carpet, Wedding Hall at the entrance to the wedding ceremony background, covered with l-shaped or lined the red carpet, when newcomers came from the red carpet, symbolizing new life journey together, also symbolizes the new brighter future.
B, arches of flowers: in the entrance to the Wedding Hall, at the beginning of the red carpet, make a made from flowers or silk flowers,
With a green leaf flower arches, for admission to the new.
6. Lighting requirements:
Chasing lights two projection, at the entrance to the Wedding Hall (both sides of the red carpet) is equipped with a projection chasing lights, candle-lit wedding ceremony at the beginning, new stadium enabled, then the whole wedding Ballroom lights, when the bride and groom after admission, projection lamp on the newcomers.
7. Background smog:
Throughout the process of candle-lit wedding, the background will cast a lot of smog (new admission for the first time, exchange rings, champagne, renewed when the lighting ceremony, candle holders)
8. Bubble machine:
In order to render the romantic atmosphere of the wedding, you can also prepare two [bubble machine for example in light transparent bubbles flowing out in psychedelic light, reflecting the colorful light.
9. Background music:
A, can have a combination of vocal four-person teams to play live music, the effect is very good.
B, play with audio equipment, is a more economic approach, but it is important to remember a very understand
Professional DJ wedding programs, this will boost your wedding, candle-lit wedding,
Music is always accompanied by a romantic, elegant, charming lyrical melodies to contrast the couple at the wedding ceremony under the supervision of
The whole wedding a grand, romantic, sacred BACK