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Pure lily wedding

Pure lily wedding
White represents the Holy purity, many dream of a white wedding the bride and bridegroom, but fear of seniors blocked, is there a middle way? Recommend to you a white lily wedding, with fresh flowers to decorate your wedding, "eternal love" the moral of the elders will certainly satisfied.
  The ritual area
  Ceremony is a white world, this romantic scenes will make you remember for life. White carpet stretched ceremony, Roman road carpet lined with 20 white flowers, each road sign is on top of a white Fleur de lis.
  Carpets are white lilies at the end doors, metal wrapped on the shelf with a variety of green plants, flower composition with pure-white lilies, stars, and each Lily headed in different directions, like a trumpet, conveys the joy and blessing. Under the shade of green plants and lilies, hangs a green clear, pleasant, creating a green verdant natural scenes, chasing lights and candle-mapping, like vine flowing in the morning dew and sparkling.
  Color tone
  White Linen tablecloths, white chair covers, white napkins, white plates, white lilies, white candles, transparent glass, everything becomes a pure romantic.
  A wedding feast of joy begin, runner table ordered together, natural, and casual. Table decked out with multiple sets of Fleur de lis, is not only bright, but also give people a dream-like feeling. Taking the time to put a little white floating candle holders, flickering candlelight as the tables of all cast a hazy color, so that every guest is bathed in candlelight and intoxicating bouquet composed of dream world. Each Center floral table decorations on a high, glass was filled with blooming lilies and Lily bud green, flower-dotted around the Ivy has been down to the desktop, and lush flowers will make guests ' appetites.
  Banquet food
  Guests enjoy fine food and wine. Delicious appetizers bright, light and not greasy. Beef asparagus, lemon, salmon, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives made of string cheese, white eggs are placed on Arctic sweet shrimp, shrimp, chicken, served with green, yellow and purple color of lettuce and bell peppers and black olives. These dishes are not only pleasant, floating and a touch of vanilla.
  In addition to the delicious food, excellent wine and certainly no less, some wines and cocktails can be prepared for the guests, and drink wine after a meal. For people who do not drink some fresh orange juice can be prepared for them.
  Guests in a toast to wish your future day better every day like this fragrant lilies forever ... ... BACK