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Passionate roses wedding

Passionate roses wedding
Rose is best for weddings, Red Roses symbolize love, paved with red roses to the happy road of roses, held a Grand Rose wedding, let the most classic wedding your wedding to add color and passion.
Tone of the wedding you can choose red and white. White veils, White tablecloths chair covers, and white candles, only red carpet and flowers, solemn but festive. Soft lights hangs over the Banquet Hall, touching the music flowing in the air.
Selection Red Roses flowers, gorgeous and mysterious. Reception table, flowers, carpet next to candlestick, ceremony, banquet table and chair backs are decorated in Roses.
Holding: round bouquet in the hands of the bride, most real life consists of the Red Rose represents the bride's dream.
Ceremonies: ritual, each side has a small table, placed above a Crystal vase filled with roses.
Dinner: main table up to the wedding, put a ball of roses, roses petals on the table. Crystal candlestick in the guest gallery is also decorated with red roses.
Light white, Red Ribbon, the Roses still blooming, hugged a loved ones walked together toward the future. BACK