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Lawn wedding

Lawn wedding
In the embrace of nature, the endless carpet of green lawn like a soft, set off a lively wedding site, made with flowers and green leaves arch out of the main hall area, neat long tables covered with flowers and a wonderful meal. Glow with white light dress, very charming bride dress. Open to champagne in a lively atmosphere, cheery wedding that starts! Under brilliant sunshine, blue skies as you witness, on a carpet on the lawn to accept friends and sincere congratulations, you can hold hands, walk through the green meadows, Breeze kicked up scattered under her locks of locks of hair, leave your most natural moment in front of photographers. Children could play grass, you can lie on the grass in the arms of enjoying the natural flavor, this is the touching scene in a lawn wedding, cheerful festive atmosphere fills the memorable day. Wedding such as this usually takes the form of buffet. Earth, sky, Sun, grass, flowers, for the romantic wedding blessings, everyone to the beautiful wedding of nature!
  Novelty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  Possible index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  Suitable for: elegant innovative white collar, exotic foreign
  For the season: late spring, early summer, and early fall, the grass grows lush period
  Wedding feature: near field communication, for friends-party-wedding
  Outdoor Lawn wedding is a new model of a Western wedding, with a stylish romantic theme, crisp and romantic environment, outstanding personalized, coax hold sacred and romantic atmosphere, so by the new people's favorite. Bride costume and the light in the white dress and evening dress, light bouquet and head against the lovely bride, the entire feast highlight the festive and lively atmosphere.
  Stylish wedding, new, no longer is the choice of wine, beer or wine, but turn wine special cocktails, cocktail named after some newcomers making their own, while others are making for them has a unique cocktail, this wedding for a couple who is about to walk into the Wedding Hall is one of the most far-reaching
  ★ Large back plates, Western-style site layout (fresh flowers, silk flowers, balloons)
  ★ Flowers (silk) 1-3
  ★ Senior wedding presided over a
  ★ A
  ★ Professional bartender one
  ★ Wedding photographer, photographer, one
  ★ Bridal makeup artist one

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