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Who is your star sign best bridesmaids?

Who is the best constellation constellation brides maid to match? Fun horoscope matching, horoscope ... ... You, whether constellation is also the maid's best ride. Following wants to "sign-controlled" new people learn from Oh!
Who is your star sign best bridesmaids?
Aries (March 21 ~ 19th)
Aries the bride has a lot more momentum and strong execution. Want your wedding can be very lively, for all to remember. Like the wedding will be innovative and that is interactive. But if Aries brides say specifically what to do, that tend to get confused. It takes Gemini bridesmaid ideas, a fun wedding immediately.
Best bridesmaid: Gemini
Taurus (April 20 ~5 20th)
Taurus bride even facing the most important things in life-the wedding, also hard lazy temper. If you have met the wedding bride late, that majority is the Taurus. While her bridesmaids is surely not a Virgo girl. Virgo bridesmaids for the wedding as you work to complete, and nuanced is the work of their greatest strengths.
Best bridesmaid: Virgo
Gemini (May 21 ~6 20th)
Bride's smart but had a reputation for Gemini, favorite things is in love with a partner around to try new things, new ideas constantly. The new opening, new movie, new development of tourist attractions, the new game will make you excited. Gemini brides like to try new services, eventually turned too fast, and associated with Gemini ruler mercury, mercury, and ways of thinking have relationships, representation of popular and new meaning. Bride is never short of Gemini, hobbies, wedding is a time for free play stage. At this stage, I'm not asking for everything to be perfect, but I hope this variety let guests and surprises. Lawns, partying, Castle, swimming pool, Chinese ... ... If possible, Gemini brides want every type of wedding can be held again. You only really like constellation bride planning the wedding, since their wedding after the successful conclusion, Gemini became bride wedding people often become girlfriends the best advice for marriage. To keep up with the Gemini bride's 24-hour clock in the brain, find a do not slow or traditional constellations of bridesmaids. Like new things, know how popular, thinking fast, Sagittarius girl deserved to become the preferred bridesmaid. 180-degree transformation immediately from the wedding scene to another wedding scene, with "drama lead actress" of the Sagittarius girl can be more than the bride into the drama.
Best bridesmaid: Sagittarius
Cancer (June 21 ~ 22nd)
Our cancer bride is getting married, this is the most important thing in life. I worry about the wedding will fall out, I worried that guests would not like my show, I worried about whether there will be wedding, I'm afraid ... ... Has yet to start a wedding, brides have begun worrying about cancer, mood fluctuations. For bride and cancer, so, find a can soothe your inner emotions, stable maid of honor is the most critical. Capricorn girls are the most suitable candidate.
Best bridesmaid: Capricorn
Leo (July 23 to 22nd)
Leo bride, what is the key to the wedding? That is of course not to lose face. Your maid why not drink? Your bridesmaids how do not know manners? This is absolutely not happening, so if their bridesmaid bride selected by Leo you do, then you should say that you have the honor of reason. Aquarius women are most eager friends and selfless dedication, and hardly any secular evaluation, and innovative creativity, it is Leo best of Bride Bridesmaids.
Best bridesmaid: Aquarius
Virgo (August 23 ~9 22nd)
Perfectionist Virgos bride, there is a little-known feature is the love romance. But in order not to damage has been shaped the lofty and beautiful Princess image, many Virgo bride can only hide his little girl plot. At this time there is a romantic bridesmaid, rushed out and strongly recommends adding a romantic element in the wedding scene, in fact, was a virgin bride.
Best bridesmaid: PISCES
Libra (September 23 ~10 22nd)
Libra is hesitant bride's biggest drawback, which dress should I wear enough you have a headache for a long time, but the wedding which you hesitate. Leadership, decisive Leo bridesmaids definitely is the best way to solve the problem for Libra bride in good hands.
Best Maid: Leo
Scorpio (October 2 March-November 21st)
In fact, brides and bridesmaids matching any constellation Scorpio can very well. Calm of mind and sloppy character can control all complex scenes. But Scorpio will have no concept of money, so good at the Taurus girl in charge of financial affairs, will become interim CFO.
Best bridesmaid: Taurus
Sagittarius (November 22 to 21st)
Sagittarius easy happy bride too far, besides drinking out, game play is very crazy. Although he was happy, but easy to offend some conservative traditions of their elders. So who is an interpersonal Libra bridesmaid, under appropriate to remind, or instead of the bride toast etiquette is a must.
Best bridesmaid: Libra
Capricorn (December 22 ~ 19th)
Capricorn and cancer really is the perfect partner. Capricorn bride and bridesmaids can soothe cancer sensitive heart. Bride and bridesmaids can make a Capricorn cancer feel like family the most stable company. Careful and considerate company, Capricorn is not good at communication can not alone cope with relatives and friends of the bride's "we care".
Best bridesmaid: cancer
Aquarius (January 20 ~2 18th)
Aquarius bride conditions, if any, would choose to compare alternative wedding or special form. For example, in surrounding cities to do a wedding, or a BBQ wedding, wedding as special as possible, no one tried to win an Aquarian bride happy. And USSR Aries bridesmaid will not silence, also led to the Aquarius bride into the State, has been at the climax of the wedding.
Best bridesmaid:
PISCES (February 19 ~3 20th)
PISCES bride and bride fragile heart cancer, cancer brides are worried about the difference in status, while PISCES is the bride not knowing what to do. Have a calm Scorpio bridesmaids around this time so both touch and played a role in pointing to. BACK