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Wedding etiquette book

Invited to the wedding, ready to attend the couple's wedding, need for wedding etiquette, perfect you, take a look at.
* Respond immediately after receiving the invitation wedding invitation
After receiving a wedding invitation invitations, to call or reply to each other, and don't forget to say "Congratulations", and then told to attend or not to allow each other to acquire accurate attendance.
* Congratulations gift bags write congratulations on
Many kinds of red envelope bag, married to one person but life events, Grand luxury must, so don't forget to write wishes.
* Gift amount depend on circumstances
Gift amount for commuters between 100~1000 Yuan, and even, odd symbol of affection, blessings, most avoid 4 (death) and 9 (bitter), gift notes preferably new.
* Bright and some clothes to wear luxury
Red is the most flattering color, soft pink is a good choice, wearing luxurious bright clothing as much as possible to attend, but edge must not exceed the bride. Try to avoid wearing white clothes, white for the bride that day if dark, it is best to wear trinkets to decorate, so as to avoid too heavy.
Wearing ordinary clothes:
① wear suits or dresses, casual taste not too heavy.
II short skirts, knee-length skirts or dresses have different styles are wedding costume.
③ matches the style of shoes, bags and clothes, preferably with color.
When wearing a little dress:
① Pearl accessories, elegant, very suitable for wedding coordination. Strapless mini dress, with scarves or jewelry can be a wise choice.
II portable small purse, can be placed on the seat, very convenient.
Three parts, shoes and clothes to match.
Wedding wishes greeting
Wedding heart knot of conjugal bliss of heaven and Earth forever bathed in love a wonderful century-old
Elixir of destiny perfect day perfect marriage match tongde concentric agree a godsent marriage;
Life engaged to marriage to the right margin of three-generation family began Mandarin ducks wall Wen Ding Ji
Marriage match the elderly into some order Yuanyang vows one lifelong Covenant Union book marriage set for life
Wedding etiquette
Wedding day needs the focus of attention, makes you respectable
* Arrive half an hour
Attending the wedding to arrive half an hour in advance, and tidy appearance, not hurried, or rude.
Gift bags before at the reception counter to the receptionist, and signing congratulations.
* If you arrive late, leave early, to notify each other in advance
If you will be late or leave early, to notify each other in advance. Late, don't enter the site on their own, it is best to let reception staff lead you in. To leave early, best to wait for guests to finish after the word before you go. Leave no need to say hello to the bride and groom, but want to sit at the same table to greet people on both sides.
* In front of the reception counter, first saying congratulations
① first congratulated the couple's relatives, the newspaper name, and want to say thank you for the hospitality.
② proffered gift bags, pass each other, face up, at which point the way some blessing.
③ album signature, if present, to write name, write her name again.
* Listen address
Before the wedding starts to toast after this period of time is a matchmaker and by distinguished guests. Want quiet listen to your speech, not noisy.
* To be seated first to greet people in neighboring seats
If you sit at the people who are strangers, and you have to show good mood. Table to the table before man introduced himself, and is not embarrassed, but don't let yourself get too pushy.
* Address to remember clapping at the end
Dine while listening to speeches, but remember the first and last must be put down utensils by acclamation. If you sit at the podium, then try not to eat, and listening.
Meet emergencies do
Q: no wedding do I have to send money?
A: if not to attend the wedding, but also gifts of gold. Or mail to them directly to each other before the ceremony, gift bag is a faux pas, remember to write few words of congratulations.
Q: suddenly was invited to a speech do?
A: this is the wedding, so he can't refuse. First of all, to congratulate weds and families on both sides, saying "Congratulations", then introduce yourself, say something good about blessing the couple, 2-3 minutes to make.
Q: married know each other until after the wedding to do?
A: although not invited to attend, but know the facts of married friends, the first call to congratulate. Send gifts or gifts can be, but newlyweds may be busy, 1-2 weeks after the wedding, such as send or
Q: suddenly unable to attend a wedding do?
A: we had agreed to attend, but because something is unable to attend, to inform each other immediately, let the person know you are unable to attend. You can also find proxies to attend, the agent is both the best friends, and send gift requests on behalf of an agent. BACK