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Wedding ceremony to long or to short

The wedding ceremony is a very important part in the marriage, how to draw the perfect marriage, the wedding ceremony is very important, that is, to take care of all the guests, but also create a romantic feel. The length really want to listen to the ceremony of "ordinary" views. To avoid embarrassing scenes in the wedding scene.
: Ritual time for procrastination,
According to the current mainstream of Shaoxing wedding form, PRESENTATION, introducing love story, new advertising, thanks to parents, parents speech, wedding speech, Exchange tokens, drink wedlock, small, intimate contact, and so on, are essential to many couples ritual steps. "$Literal" the young man has a lot of personality elements, such as romantic movie playing, personalized design entry ceremony, become changing elements of the wedding. However, many couples in ceremonies designed when most did not expect, design links, often ceremony too much procrastination, even the effect of the whole wedding.
First month in married of Yang Yang said up himself of wedding on think is sorry, she invited of wedding company from Hangzhou, all of ceremony process are is after carefully design of, at himself is expected to of time for 40 minutes, but who know real began Hou is spent to full one hours, and at guests although in see with stage of sweet performances, but family also is heard has many people nagging with "belly hungry" has, for 5 points more on to participate in married banquet of guests for, to has 7 points more also didn't eat Shang a hot dish, does somewhat embarrassing.
Full-time master of ceremonies prescription told reporters, in fact, many couples design ceremony does not think spending a lot of time, when really, he found that many emergencies, so time will increase exponentially. When so many wedding company in design, hope the ceremony is as simple as possible, it is best to reduce traditional elements, add personalized elements, so you have to look, nor too slow.
Tips: serving time adjustable
For wedding guests, in addition to witness the couple's good time, eating and drinking was also one of the main objective, but by the time stage ceremony continues, often cold dishes on the table have been swept away, are often holding chopsticks, looking at empty, they hope to end the ceremony quickly.
Just attended the wedding of said, actually touching wedding ceremony, it will extend the time, it is also known, but according to Shaoxing wedding customs, hot dishes to be served after the ceremony over, so some guests overly long ceremony had many complaints. So she suggested, for the design of a long wedding ceremony of new, can serve wedding questions make a good change to a certain step in the ceremony when hot food, so guests awkward questions will be solved, and still can be carried out step by step sweet.
Maybe there are some newcomers think, too fast on a hot dish, leads to toast when guests leave prematurely. But Cheung believes that no hot food on and leave sooner or later, and there is not much difference, go ahead, are generally arranged, even if hot food is not on, to a point in time, or will it leave.
To sum up, takes too long to avoid the wedding ceremony, you can avoid a lot of unpleasant and embarrassing. BACK