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Wedding bridesmaid wedding day Guide

Wedding day, in addition to leading wedding bride and groom outside, two other important role is best man and Maid of honor. They accompany the bride and groom at the same time, need to address what specific transactions and pay attention to what the code of conduct?
Groomsmen bridesmaids wedding guide for the day
Mission: Butler
1, not far from the couple or so, ready to accompany the couple. Especially when the couple on stage, groomsmen bridesmaids must be waiting on the side of the stage.
2, always pay attention to the new image. Help newcomers simply organize tailored hem dresses and skirts and headscarves, called make-up artists support when necessary.
3, close attention to the new needs. Groomsmen bridesmaids of the most important is to have a "look": opens the door is the best man, things on hand, freeing them to help maintain good posture; newcomer thirsty, hand water; when you see the new tears, promptly handed him tissues. Wedding many couples are too busy or exciting will forget the rest and hunger, groomsmen bridesmaids must remind them.
4, familiar with the couple's belongings and staff arrangements, so that they can better help newcomers to coordinate and share. Of particular match is to be familiar with the bridal gown bridesmaid shoes, underwear and accessories, change needs to take care of.
5, eligible for the bridal party should try to ease and soothe new tensions.
Mission two: newcomer representing
1, when the wedding: bridesmaid to try a full groom, don't easily let him marry the bride. Even the bridal handkerchief to conjecture about the bride's idea, try to make the bride enjoy the joy and glory of marrying. Wedding is for the bride and bridesmaids, sisters "at war" and help groom Rounders and successfully marries the beauty.
2, when welcome: bridesmaid's task is to get new people and concerned about the new appearance, the best man and groomsmen you need to play most of the reception
3, the feast: when someone has a problem, and slightly embarrassed bride, Maid of honor to stand up, put my ass next to the bride is not shy. Best man help groom block wine is an issue of responsibility, not to excuse.
4, candle: candle for new point a gun and followed behind in the new.
5, ceremony: welcome ceremony, parents and elders speak, welcome and both parents.
6, the bridal chamber: the best man to lead the guests begin. (Don't get me wrong, the bridal chamber makes interesting, new and more face. ) If you do not make up, best man will take the lead Chair, after the hold, finally, to get the picture to the couple were seeing. Bridesmaids don't make yourself, but don't forget to watch and, if necessary, to stand up for the bride out of rejecting or find a way to divert attention from sight and attention. Specific examples you can groom, bride's interests in common, such as tennis, literature reviews, and so on) finally together with you and your wife (if any) would very much like to continue to maintain friendships and the groom and the bride, this is very important, because then you can attract an audience, to ensure you and your friends friendship after the honeymoon.
Bridal memo
1, sometimes bridesmaids will be a special duty to keep red envelopes, please prepare exquisite but big enough for handbags, remembered in a ceremony before the start to the new Treasurer of the specified or new parents, asking them to take care of.
Don't forget to ring 2, reminding the couple, or for new storage ring and ensure that specified to the side of the stage before the ceremony be kept.
3, holding a ring pillow, bridesmaids play the job, be sure to note their location, so as not to become a photo in the "third party", then there is the bride's bouquet and off his glove. If the pillow is flower bouquet ring, Maid, please take care of him (her).
4, the best man and bridesmaids on the wedding day passes new voice. Don't hesitate to find timely and relevant staff, to help people to communicate these to their, for professionals to provide services to newcomers. Should not make decision without authorization.
Of course, if you are ready to hire a professional wedding planner, the best man and Maid of honor has no experience is not important. Wedding Planner in addition to organizing weddings in addition to the trivial, but will also guide and remind of the groomsmen bridesmaids ceremony in a side job, location, and ceremonial matters, and even arrange new Secretary the Executive part of the bridal party.
Bridal dress
Best man formal suit or dress on, if many groomsmen dress uniform (such as Chinese-style jackets), you will have a special theatrical effects. Bridesmaids best little dresses, pretty out of the ordinary, and want to bring the bride, of course, have to be convenient, don't let the dress has distracted attention, after all, the main job is to take care of the bride. To keep in mind is that bridal attire should be consistent with the main colors of the wedding.
"Made of honor, companion lang"
In fact, Maid of honor does not have to be female, best man are not necessarily men. The so-called "bridesmaid" is in fact the person who accompanied the bride, and "the best man" is accompanied by the groom's men. If the bride's best friend is male, and not to let the maid of the "mother" words failed him as a candidate. Also, sometimes the groom invite their women friends or sister company around at the wedding. In fact, many couples with pro teams are members of the opposite sex. In this case, the bride side of the male of female bridesmaid bridesmaids still need to take most of the work, but they are usually politely known as "Pro" or "the bride best man" and the groom's side of the female, from tasks, said their role was "best man", though most of the time was referred to as "groom's maid".

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