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Wedding bridal bouquet "throw or not to throw"

In Western wedding, "threw" the bride's bouquet, is often the wedding plays, and also gathered so much popularity. However, in our Oriental Chinese wedding ceremony, the bride wore a white wedding dress, beautiful bouquets in hand, but are less likely to see this bouquet bouquet of flowers "thrown" into the hands of unmarried women. However, as more and more new fashion, wedding company will "throw" referred to bride's bouquet wedding process. So, end of this bride's bouquet "throw or not to throw"?
Wedding bridal bouquet "throw or not to throw"
Shaoxing most brides do not "throw" the bouquet
The wedding, the bride's bouquet is essential, but after the start from the wedding, this bouquet is missing the meaning of existence. November 28 married Miss Yang said, her wedding bouquet comes into play when the ceremony has been set aside after, until the wedding is over, the maid to put the bouquet to the car, go home and throw a pity, would turn in the empty vase.
As happened to Miss Yang's wedding bouquet, Shaoxing, in the couple's wedding, is quite common. Reporters in the interview that many new bouquet of flowers for the bride to be at random, some even in the wedding scene was "abandoned", slightly hard it could be to the new home for decorative purposes.
Bouquets traditionally can't throw
A wedding ceremony company in Shaoxing teacher thinks that, bouquet is the most important flower in wedding, and now more and more people advocate Western wedding, but did not know the bouquet originates from the customs. According to her, the bouquet originates from the ancient civilization of the West, Western ideas, bouquet wedding guardian angel can guard the weddings of people protection against bad luck and disease damage. After hundreds of years of custom development, Angel is happiness in today's wedding bouquet, unmarried women lost wedding bridal bouquet, you will find yourself happy couples, become the next happy brides.
So she thought, from a real wedding, "threw" bouquet is just a ceremony, but the bride's Bouquet has unique significance, in accordance with the recovery gains, this bouquet will not be discarded casually.
Shaoxing new people trying to "throw" the bouquet
Zhou told reporters that since last year, Shaoxing, some of the newcomers started in wedding fashion interspersed with "throwing" the bouquet ceremony in her planned wedding, there are three requirements to join the ceremony. Of course, in her view, the Shaoxing couple's wedding fashion gradually, but the wedding is an extension of the tradition of Shaoxing, many people, so the "throw" bouquet ceremony most appropriate on a wedding in the middle of when convened by the master of the presence of unmarried women to the front of the collection, and then solemnly back throwing again of the bride's bouquet.
Of course, Shaoxing, many newcomers may worry, "threw" bouquet will there not many people involved in the embarrassing week teacher, in addition to the new default other than a flower girl, or directly from the bride's bouquet to the most hope to get blessings of family and friends in hand, such a sweet moment is also well worth looking forward to. Bouquet types used in the ceremony, the Professor thought it best to use a small circular flower ball, so that the bulb is not easy to scatter them. BACK