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Teach you how to play the wedding venue selected

Are you worry about distressed wedding venue of choice, where to choose? Decide what kind of style appropriate? These issues must also be bothering you, then take a look at the beautiful marriage network to collect wedding venue you choose note, I hope to help you.
Point 1, determine the style of wedding ceremony
When choosing a wedding venue, first of all to consider the style of your wedding, wedding ceremony nowadays patterns emerge, and how she should have what kind of wedding ceremony, best to have a concept.
Basic options: a. Chinese b. Western-style c. Lawn wedding d. Villa Castle e. one-stop Wedding Hall f..
Point 2, to finalise the venue location
When selecting a venue to take guest's transportation problems. Family-centered, and most guests can afford to distance himself as RADIUS, draw geographical scope of screening venue on the map.
Point 3, the number of guests
According to the number of guests do not pass, you can choose a different size of the venue. Hotel is generally calculated according to per table of 10 people, the estimated guest count is divided by 10, draw guests table numbers. This figure and the venues ready to accommodate more tables close to the wedding site the better.
Point 4, days for marriage
In General, spring and fall peaks or Golden Week is married, if you want to married couple during this time, then booking the venue must be ahead of the days when good wedding venue usually booked 8 months or 1 year in advance.
Point 5, married news exhibition
Fully prepared, focused on getting all "married news exhibition" solution. "Married news exhibition" is specifically organized in order to facilitate new wedding, wedding day of the exhibition gathered in hotel restaurants, most information, understanding the most intuitive, offers the latest and most complete. Married to show direct consultation is the best way of efficient preparations for the wedding!
Point 6, conclusion of contracts, the cautious
Before signing the contract with the venue to confirm all details: date, time, banquet halls, food, drinks, free provision of hardware facilities, including some restrictions and regulations, need to be clearly written in the contract, if the other party is too vague, must not be promised, because substantial amount of failures caused by leakage check terms.
Point 7, in-depth communication, final confirmation
About half a month before the wedding, remember and venue confirmed: final table of number (number), the layout of menus, beverages, day detail to support, hardware monitoring, security, and so on, if the discrepancies in previous consultations, to communicate change, without a wedding, so details worthy of repeated confirmation. BACK