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New anti-mixed drink with wisdom and the thief

According to some experienced wedding professionals, couples wedding day, and can't be vigilant to grasp the sign in link, is likely to usher in a wide variety of unexpected visitors, how to avoid these unpleasant happening?
New anti-mixed drink with wisdom and the thief
Uninvited guest frequent urban wedding
Movie Wedding Crashers is about two protagonists baikewei and gray have the same hobbies--to participate in someone else's wedding, and no matter what wedding, and regardless of the form of wedding party is, the clown can get not only eat and drink mix, can become the focus of wedding party. However, immediately after the wedding they will "disappear". The Wedding Crashers reflects urban weddings uninvited guests eat and drink mix mixed headaches problem in recent years, eat and drink mix mixed phenomenon often occurs in many cities, but new fears of many thieves sneaked into the wedding, implementation of theft, this had overshadowed the festive bustle atmosphere of the wedding.
Eat a family wedding when "mixed reception"
Some hotels are hosting a wedding, the couple invited their closest friends and colleagues, banquet hall for a clamping a hand bag, middle-aged man in a crisp, he was about to enter, a lady asked him to autograph in charge of sign in at the door, but he tuisanzusi still refused to sign. Then he suddenly looked down found in the attendance register, kept asking this to no where. Then pointing to one of the names "gang" freely said: "Chen Gang there were unable to attend the wedding I attended in his place. "The word gets out, and people around looked at him in surprise, we are colleagues, and just a few minutes ago, met Chen Gang, Chen Gang and have no intention of leaving. This help, the man suddenly got a dusty, but will be back soon and put on a pair of all very leisurely, and says: "sorry, the name wrong. "Then skirt around him, pretend you're looking for, for a duck to leave the stairs.
Senior wedding consultant, flower married the Chief planner of the story Shakespeare's marriage network interview from Zhang Dan said this "unsolicited, no Flash," "Wedding Crashers" are common. A lot of people saw the wedding "mixed reception", sit down and eat, no one cares, but the well-dressed middle-aged man was not "lucky".
Thieves looking to steal
Week Mr was invited to participate in friends of wedding, married banquet last week Mr up to other table Shang turns toast, several rare met of friends ultimately more greeting two sentence, continuous several cup wine Xia belly Hou, week Mr feel be wine, on back seat Shang break while, suddenly found just put in seat Shang of Briefcase missing has, week a a surprised, quickly bent check table Xia, unfortunately what also didn't found. Money lost is calculated, there are cards and copies of important documents in the bag, Zhou started in a cold sweat. But this time, Diners are busy cheering around, nobody paid any attention to the Zhou side of unexpected situation. Zhou paused for a moment, think secret immediately, destroyed wedding atmosphere, makes herself look bad, there is no answer. But not long after, a friend called up at the next table: "my bag, my bag was missing? "Zhou ran, told everyone that he was gone, we quickly help to find, but have not found. Ask the waiter, waiters said they did not know, but we eventually choose alarm, tea then arrived on the scene, due to most of the wedding party are new acquaintances to friends or colleagues, the police cannot be doubted. According to police analysis, packet loss event is likely to be the thief sees the wedding excitement, take advantage of the complex personnel, entering into the wedding scene to start committing.
Modus operandi of thieves and eat family
1. pose as wedding guests all eat and thieves are posing as guests enter the wedding, they usually wear formal, and other guests can be a simple greeting, before the guests of the bridegroom said he was her invited guests; in front of the bride's guests said they were his guests.
2. guest go wrong has door actually Hotel married banquet often appeared guest go wrong door of situation, a hotel many layer floor and Ballroom, many when hotel will while undertake good several married Banquet, again plus guest first times to this hotel participate in married Banquet, on hotel of layout not is familiar, go wrong has door understandable, however many people is using this is mix others of wedding. Especially when greeting people asking names or be found, family of thieves and eat usually excused themselves with this statement.
3. wedding of others above refer to a middle-aged man arrived at the wedding sign in attendance were asked to sign, said he was for someone to come to the wedding, and some people will say that they are guests of some relatives and friends, come join in the fun.
Four strokes and watch out for thieves and uninvited guests eat and drink mix mixed
1. send an invitation before the wedding, statistics, the number of guests, and print a copy of the guest list and the simple identity list, guest invitation to the wedding. In fact, such an approach is useful, but also won't make guests feel too harsh, because sending invitations is a very fashionable way of inviting, but also verify that the intruder's body; in addition the guest list is also necessary, responsible people don't necessarily know all the guests, so there is a guest list will be more conducive to the reception of the guests. If you encounter no invitation pre-function area "guests", in order not to let the guests feel awkward, guests can ask for details of the guest is the man or woman please guests, guest seating is a fixed schedule, you need one of the guests with the guest admission, so that real dropped uninvited guests can walk away.
2. the banquet set up card tables and seats, arrange specialist guides guests to be seated. Such uninvited guests without their chances.
3. before entering the photo. Can invite guests in front of the entry with the new photo or newcomers welcome photos (roll up) photo collection, "not convenient" out "uninvited guests" are forced to stay away.
4. preparation before marriage, the things responsible. Wedding consultant Zhang Dan said in an interview with Sally marriage network, eat on wedding, stealing things occur, based on their work experience, prior to the wedding, should make detailed assignments, guest Shuttle, arrangement, cash payments, receiving red envelopes must designate a person responsible for and duties the finer, less prone to go wrong.
Classic case of wisdom new
A Dapper diner walked into the hotel, ready to mix with the ongoing wedding scene, and Miss Ballroom entrance sign is two holding, for every new guest are required to sign. Diners walk up and is preparing to write a signature, but one long Miss and attempted to ask: "where are you? What is your name? "The men casually reported has a name, but that bit miss is seriously up, bow fine check, Diners this only note to they hands has a copies pink paper print of list, each one by invited of guest name are in above, and to sign of guest will found himself of name and gets a Zhang prior fill in good of personal name card, sign Hou will of hanging Shang next of Fortune tree Shang. Allegedly it guests feel respected; and secondly can prevent uninvited guests come to eat; third, the wedding ended, newcomers will also collect these wedding guest name cards. The Miss could not find the diner's name, said, I'm sorry, will have made a mistake. She says she is the couple's good friend, helps couples wedding special care are afraid to make mistakes, do you want people to look at. The diner back to the sorry, should take on the 8 floor Wedding couples wedding. Apparently, the couple have made plenty of new preparation in advance, this refusal to thieves and eat and cleverness is recommended. BACK