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More wedding guests suddenly on the day do

If Wedding Guest number is encountered suddenly more, presumably all problem, but it has been done, how should I handle it? Please look at small series for your wedding company collected a professional is how lovers of the proposed.
How do
Q: If a sudden increase in the number of wedding guests how to arrange a wedding venue questions? Enough parking spaces to do?
A: generally recommends that the new reserve 2 of the banquet, should surprise required. Best to ensure that this situation does not occur, we recommend about half a month before the wedding with each guest arrived at the scene, and then inform the hotel desk numbers are subject to change. Engagement party confirmed the hotel parking number, number of free parking spaces and parking situation, prompting guests had better not come by car. Best print uniform to the guests a parking permit, fees can also be paid by the new uniform to the hotel.
Q: If hotel gift item is in conflict with their prior wedding ideas, how to reconcile this?
A: General hotel gift items with soft drinks limited free flow, champagne, wedding, red carpet, lighting, sound, table, flower, backgrounds, layout, cakes, menus, invitations and other printed matter. If you want to use a different color carpet or stainless steel catwalk, custom personalized printed matter, may abandon the hotel offers inexpensive red carpet and printed matter. Table spent, and background layout, and cake and wedding creative has conflict Shi, can first and wedding consultant, and hotel head discussion can be transformation, and coordination, like in curtain background Shang plus himself of LOGO or spent art decorative, let Hotel according to wedding color provides table spent, or into provides welcome bin district, and waiting district, and cocktail district of decorative, even asked hotel whether can directly provides spent material. BACK