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Female wedding guests should know

Women only participate as a guest in someone else's wedding, should not think that it is not the protagonist, can, in fact, some of the details of the dress is very notable.
Female wedding guests should know
A: don't wear black fishnet stockings to the wedding, even if you're wearing a black skirt, only at the time of the funeral can wear black socks.
B: chest exposed lack of elegant taste too much style and long dresses are not only give people an impression of procrastination, there is suspicion of too much swagger.
C: belong to the bride's color is white, so people do not choose to a wedding and bridal gowns the same white, this is the most basic etiquette.
D: for the bride and groom, the wedding is the most beautiful stage of their lives, in order to express their wishes and respect do not wear sweaters or cotton clothes daily.
E: Although this season's Leopard-print fur patterns, but this occasion the wedding, fur always reminiscent of the killing, and are best avoided. BACK