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Elaborate on Beijing's marriage customs

Married girl or a married Guy, and at the wedding, will inevitably do as the Romans do, although many old marriage customs and etiquette, but now is a new era, not one by one following the red tape. But the basic rule is to look at!

Marriage custom of dowry
Both parent-matchmaking, dating, bride to bride engaged the man, that woman to wife. Part of the bride price is symbolic items. "Hiring" is the last before the wedding is the most important part. (It is said that xiapin were also sent to the woman's tea, snack boxes, her three sets of clothes. )
Marriage custom of dowry
After the woman receives the man sent a dowry, get married the day before going home to escort the dowry to the groom. Average family dowry usually 24, 32 lift, some people own the corresponding return of Italy, dowry to the man in principle 1 time times return. (Marry a daughter is not easy Ah! But now ready new homes are generally the man, the woman's dowry is generally home furniture and appliances, the more practical)
Marriage customs of the wedding
Wedding day arrives, Deacon of car door, family car on the busy pass, her husband was busy before they walk in the door, the scene is big and Grand, courtesy, and a family on both sides was a big show.
"Married wives" played an important role, to delight car Deacon home wedding, salute the boot. She presided over the wedding ceremony, and a best man to guide the bride and groom wedding etiquette. (This is the most lively part of the modern wedding, although not ancient those about, although the sedan replaced the car, there are special ceremonies and wedding company to go through the wedding, but the married parents and wedding ceremony was followed down! )
Marriage custom of the bridal chamber accounts
After new worship the heaven and Earth, Kang arrested on hijab couple only met formally. After the meeting to "new downtown". Couples with sons eat cake, drink wedlock, sub bed, top and other ceremonies. Throughout the wishes the couple wishes, family theme of thrive. (The new downtown, drinking jiaobeijiu these practices are now becoming more and more obvious, not to the bridal chamber, when much of the wedding was indescribably exciting! )
Marriage customs of the door
After the wedding night, the next morning, married couples together to worship God, Buddha, and three generations of the clan, and meet the parents and other elders, name, and size.
Three days after the wedding, usually the bride to see you soon back home friends and fathers line. This is called "door", also called "wine". Generally home early in the morning sent people drove a carriage to take the bride, bride before he kowtowed to the in-laws and grooms parents drove to the home. After her, the newlyweds to the House God spirit tablets and clan of the Buddha and bowed to him, and give it to the woman's parents and elders kowtow ceremony. See finished after the ceremony, then spread out banquets, newlyweds drink. After dinner, the groom went home alone, the bride is going to be back in the evening. At this point, a rich dramatic wedding before the closing.
Time although this is little matchmaker red line no one believe in horoscopes, but streamline the tradition was passed down!
Marriage customs
Marriage customs stressed the need to complete before 12:00 salute ceremony, Western-oriented form.
People married at noon, booze tends to like in the restaurant, and most famous, like at Dong Lai Shun, Quanjude.
Not allowed to set off firecrackers in the urban area, even if married, also stepping on balloons instead.
Married man not seen since noon, after that.
People give a red envelope numbers is similar to Shanghai, generally in the 3, 500 block, but everyone can lose. If the economy is bad, send less doesn't matter, the key is to come, even to the face. BACK