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Countdown 1 wedding job details

Foreign plan before marriage was married 15 months to prepare everything in advance. At home, may not be so long in advance preparation before marriage. Now, summed up a year before the wedding for you wedding list, is about to enter the wedding hall you don't have to worry about when to do what and!
List of wedding of the year
12 months ago
1, go to the bookstore, the site gathers marriage preparatory information
2, with the other half and parents to discuss wedding ceremony, honeymoon, new budget and planning
3, collect modeling resources, wedding dresses, Bride dresses, accessories, and start looking for wedding photography company
4, pay attention to the House, furniture, home appliances, and price
5, pre-marital health check
6, beginning to take care of the body
10 months ago
1, decided and homes after marriage, and began to develop a new layout plan.
2, developing new items purchased.
3, selecting, buying wedding rings.
4, determine the wedding ceremony and wedding reception of time, space, style, and number of guests should be seated.
5, determine the total budget
6, need to start looking for wedding ceremony and wedding cake shops, florists, bands, photographers or cameramen, or wedding.
8 months ago
Layout 1, renovating the new House.
2, purchase furniture and appliances.
3, began to organize a wedding guest list.
4, determine the wedding preparations for personnel, if necessary, can be prepared for the first time will be held.
5, start looking for information on honeymoon, ask the travel agency. BACK