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Bride and groom wedding day etiquette required reading

The groom and bride is busy with new friends at the same time, don't ignore the wedding day etiquette. Be sure to give guests a perfectly good impression.
1, stand
Back straight, towards the inside of the two stands of "eight"-shaped
About 15cm
Elbows slightly bent and groom, bride and groom hand elbow
2, posture

Don't see the skirt, toe up skirt and don't kick too high, and do not
Bride Groom and a half step behind
Brides look forward 10 meters, a little shy sacred feeling

Upper body upright,
A slight twist to the groom's side, legs
4 bow
Bent over and time line, and 1,2
Back straight, full of emotion, Middle not looked
Low 1 second, 1 second keep, 1 second up, about 15 degrees
5 wedding dress turned and
Rotating in the opposite direction of the hand lightly grasp the skirt and bustle
Long veil with an arm hold up long yarn

1, exchange of rings
Hand position, where the natural bending of the elbow
Light up the bride and groom's hand, bride's finger straight, with your right hand thumb, index finger, middle finger ring worn on the left ring finger of the bride
Best practice in advance
2, lift the veil
Bride in any axis of one foot, other foot half step back

Do not ass
Groom insert thumb yarn, slowly opening up
Uncovered part of the up volume and help tidy up the veil
3, vowed to kiss
Shy will make it natural! Be natural and easy!
Gently around the bride and groom (or gently holding the bride's shoulders), naturally and slowly to groom
Two heads slightly to the right
Avoid Octopus Kiss Oh!

1, cut the cake
Bride right handed knives, grasp the waist of the Bride Groom's left hand, his right hand to protect his bride's right hand
To stand eight-shaped
2, candle
Body straight
Chin don't rally
Should be given to the bride and groom's arm length, choose a suitable stand
The best arm around the waist of the bride
Here's 3,
Toast to take off
Outside hand to raise your glass, raise your glasses high to face the same, keep the outside of the face, don't block your face
Standing eight-shaped
Wine grip handle, don't skip the little finger, when speakers can use another hand holding the bottom of the Cup BACK