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The wedding process

1. prepare the bride washed breakfast maid, makeup artist, photographer, gets ready for
2. the bride Bridal, bridesmaids makeup, cameraman
3. the groom's preparation and cameraman, best man meet; to get brides bouquets, flower head, bar-car, guests spend
4. lunch in advance of new home before lunch, family get-together and
5. entered the bride's family in a tough spot for the groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen and groom red envelopes
6. sacrifice offered to the bridal bouquet and groom kneel with one leg bouquet, photographer, cameraman lens
7. meet the parents of the bride couple to the bride's parents and serve them tea, parents give new red
8. dessert dessert groom feeding bride, camera operator, cameraman lens
9. burning firecrackers out mother of the bride bride to replace the shoes get downstairs, groom the groom put on new shoes
10. go to the groom's family and the bride's parents say goodbye to the groom's family
11. bride set off firecrackers when the cars arrived in
12. the bride entered the door, thanks to her in-laws to meet her in-laws, groom's parents give a red envelope
13. eat dessert dessert
14. go on location to the location to location shooting
15. the location shooting on location
16. departure to the hotel upon arrival at the hotel, time-rich couple can take a rest, and can arrange a wedding ceremony rehearsal
17. waiting, sign the couple in front of the banqueting hall welcome, guest sign in
18. wedding master of ceremonies announced the commencement of the wedding
19. the bride comes into play by the father of the bride (or groom) into the site
20. wedding ceremony took the floor, the couple exchanged rings
21. the new ceremony champagne cake throwing bouquets
22. I declared MC
23. the bride changed dresses 3 hot dish, replaced the bride dress, make-up,
24. the first dress style played a candlelight ceremony (now replaced by the candlelight ceremony to offer cigarettes)
25. the parents speak MC interview new parents
26. new order toast in accordance with
27. the couple take a break at the moment you can eat, rest, drink some water
28. the second dress style toast followed by appearances of order
29. the wedding programs if programs could help guests participate
30. the new rest can eat, rest, drink some water now
31. the third dress style toast followed by appearances of order; and leave the guests leave 32. wedding end now can replace fourth-suit and welcome the guests according to their individual circumstances seen 33. guests leave, the couple rest rest, you can take a hot bath to relieve pressure