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Wedding wedding choice

In the selection of the wedding date, you need to understand:
1, respect both parents: selection of date for such a thing, old people will care about. Must respect both parents, it is best to negotiate with them and then make a decision;
2, don't be too superstitious: "Zodiac" is a tradition in China, but at the same time should know that marriage happiness lies in whether two people feeling thick, does not depend on a "good day" from a scientific point of view to make arrangements.
3, set the date as soon as possible: abroad, new people generally begins before wedding day 1 Select salute day, such arrangements can facilitate other matters. Of course, you can also select a date and time, but set the wedding date as early as possible, prepare plenty of time for wedding planning, don't rush! Set wedding may seek the advice of important guests, but don't have to cater to too many people, once you have set a wedding date don't change.
Considerations for selecting wedding date:
1, try to avoid the peak day in the peak wedding
Because of climate, environmental impact, all parts of the country have different peak wedding, new wedding in these days people want, in the selection of wedding date must be the first to know when you are going to hold weddings City wedding peak and peak in the peak day, and try to avoid those in the peak days. In this case, the selection ceremony, photography, float, hotel, dress will be of great benefit, also directly reduce or improve the quality of the wedding your wedding budget. Sometimes just forward or backwards in one day, you can choose the ideal hotel, book has long been a good car, had the best emcee for your wedding, best cameraman recorded the ceremony of life for you, even friends and relatives are worried about having to cope with a few wedding. Thus, from one year to choose one for you is very important, very memorable, but for others it was a normal day. Like your first kiss anniversary. So they don't just spend less money to get the best quality service, and you will be in a very relaxed mood into the Wedding Hall, enjoy the wedding blessings from relatives and friends. Good day, good mood, can have both fish and bear's paw,!

You might think in the rain clear Li days wedding is a romantic? But most people still want to get married that day will be sunny. Whether you prefer a light rain is like the Sun, know wedding day weather conditions and allows you to be aware of, so as to put in place some contingency arrangements in advance. Some large cities climate centre can provide some of the specialized services, such as 30-day trend forecast within 10 days, 7 days weather forecast climate information within 3 days, or calculated based on historical climate data and provides weather forecasts for the year, when you choose the wedding date, you can use this as a reference, trying to avoid the worst of the bad weather. In addition, you around weather stations according to the needs, you can choose the appropriate service, instant wedding day weather information, plan ahead.
3, to avoid the bride menstruation period
Wedding day happened to be the bride of the menstrual period, it would be a disturbing thing? So must the wedding date as possible to avoid the bride's menstrual period. Method has two species, a is if bride of physiological cycle is has law, can calculation out she of menstrual period; II is if inevitable of selected to bride of physiological cycle or its physiological cycle not law and cannot determine menstrual period Shi, can in wedding comes Qian 10 days to doctor ask, if no taboo syndrome, in doctor of guide Xia Yu wedding Qian taking drug, General can will menstrual period back over.
4, taking into account both the work plan
Try to avoid affecting your work because of the wedding plans, in preparation for the wedding and ceremony, wedding days, couples are often unable to concentrate on work. So, set your wedding date should also refer to your annual work plans, do not select your work before and after the peak, or on a business trip, this you not only can go to vacation for a sweet honeymoon, but can also work to avoid sudden events cannot be held as scheduled the wedding or important because of the preparations for the wedding plans, and so on.
5, "auspicious" traditional rules of
The marriage to marry Chinese used to select an auspicious to seek good luck. Old people tend to think that when you select an auspicious day: the day is best to leap year (every two or three years there will be a leap year, which this year has two "lichun", a "China month". ) In the early rounds of "Moon Festival", the lunar calendar August is the best month for wedding. In addition, some parents in local tradition the birth should not be same rules as auspicious, is parents ' birthday are not to marry, marriage is entirely appropriate in this month. BACK