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Wedding links lottery games

Draw time is always so exciting, everyone silent prayer of hope luck can quickly come into your head, wedding lottery games is an indispensable interactive links with the wedding guests. How can draw more novel and interesting? To read these lottery games with little creativity!
First, find the Chair
New venue layout when, in some random Chair made his mark, may be the chair legs with ribbons on may also be hidden in Chair cover card. The raffle, command, everybody turned his chair ... ... See lucky is coming to himself?
Second, greeting cards
Prepare uniform greeting cards, each write a wish and name at the registration. Collecting together these greeting cards, or placed in the lucky dip or hung on the walls, and some new specially prepared wishing tree, hanging on the tree cards. Until the wedding when the lottery randomly pulled out of the card surface.
Third, the prize-winning quiz
When you sign in, the couple prepared three boxes, which ran in three different colors. Visitors are requested to second guess the bride dress colors is what? guest put their cards into your chosen answer box, guess who should have the opportunity to participate in the prize draw.
Four, mobile Lottery
This small piece of software, the couple may consult a wedding company.
Five sweet booty
Advance tickets hidden in candy, randomly send. Raffle begins, everyone's hands opened box with candy ... ... BACK