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Wedding Countdown to the wedding list 24 hours before checking

1, the morning of wedding planning, wedding consultants, hotels, and other units of the company, once again confirmed the wedding, time, process, details, and again by wedding planning consultant and photographer, floats, make-up stylist confirm good
2, may wish to meet on their wedding day to help brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, eat a light lunch! Consultants or wedding leaders dropped by the wedding, once again explain to everyone the subsequent process and working arrangements for each of the same day. Newcomers can explore the next refresher!
3, afternoon at the wedding rehearsal, remember about Qi ceremony tomorrow so important people (including groomsmen bridesmaids, parents, etc), if there are unexpected things from attending the rehearsal, should be replaced immediately arrange for rehearsals, and subsequently inform specific processes.
4, with both parents for dinner, arranged for the following day's marrying process, such as bride and tea in the morning, the Church at noon bowed and signed under oath ceremony, wedding toast checkout to see the paper, and so on.
5, do not personally with all the work and help people communicate, too tired and secondly married when the process should be wedding planning consultants and the groomsmen bridesmaids, brothers and sisters the situation under control.
Wedding day 6, not the temporary improvised changes of flow section and key personnel, because a lot of small errors, that occurred because of the lack of preparation.
7, do not calculate their wedding again, than the average wedding budget, also with hotel bargains are in vain.
New item inventory
1, most of the newcomers will try again for three days before the wedding dress and dress, remember that during this ceased to lose weight, to fit wedding dresses and gowns from becoming too wide.
2, for the phone fully charged and ready to backup battery, so as not to marry tomorrow couldn't reach guests.
3, ready to process tables, texts, medicine blankets, refreshing herbal oils, spare contact lenses, eye drops, biscuits, pins, and so on, so that on-site emergencies.
4, will wear a good wedding dress, dresses, footwear, accessories and so on, and then placed in a specified bag from close personal custody.
5, not all items placed in the same bag, or else at the scene immediately look for a needle in a haystack.
6, don't try to take too much of the so-called "spare" an inconvenience keeping two confused staff members concerned, thinking that these are necessities.
7, do not let the day just as there are many friends and relatives to keep items of work, must be a designated person for safekeeping, and followed the process to newcomers.
8, do not take the effort to work, this time, had taken off for tomorrow's wedding, even though people in handling public affairs, will also affect a personal emotion.
Beauty and fitness physical inventory list
1, a hot bubble bath, then do a full body oil SPA aromatherapy currency, after a one-hour massage for both of you drive away tiredness, relax.
2, trim the legs, back and underarm hair, especially in wedding dresses, gowns failed to cover the range of more hair.
3, after dinner, can be suitable for a walk, relax and drain away toxins, and even help to fall asleep, and recuperate!
4, just before bed, do a moisture mask, final moisture hydrating for the skin, so skin will wake up the next day, Yong and more makeup.
5, do not convert your cosmetics and skin care products, so as to avoid skin allergy.
6, avoid eating spicy, fried, BBQ, raw, cold or greasy food, avoid growing acne, or likely to cause stomach upset.
7, four-hour stop before going to bed to eat starches, sugars and food, adequate water or warm milk is the best food to eat/drink, must not be too much to avoid swelling the next day.
8, to avoid overly strenuous exercise. Remember the two of you will be the next day, busy has gotten around, should be stored well enough physically, in the best possible shape to face the big day. BACK