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Unique and creative wedding cakes Hold the audience

Cake is one of the most important elements in the wedding, after the wedding. Every bride can customize according to their banquet style and character of a wedding cake. Nice cake is like a work of art, creative cake designs unique according to personal preferences, to have the guest's eyes light up, and Hold the audience.
Single and double layer cake
When it comes to the cake, although is very easy to imagine the stars rendered large celebration of the wedding cake, but as today's biased, custom cake and fresh milk. It is also with the hotel in order to respond to new needs related to the renovation. Interests of the fresh milk cake, after they cut the cake can be distributed to guests immediately after eating, the couple personally give guests cake side while talking with guests, and so on. As part of the wedding show, and can drive a lot of fresh milk cake and lively atmosphere.
Tiered cakes
Than single-layer cake, give the feeling of luxury. Even if it is not set the platform, like the cake in a large venue but also allow every guest to see and photograph should also be filmed.
Creative cake
On the cake making two people meet for the first time ski, play golf at the scene. In banquet, should occupy the orgasm can cause, when the custom is to have fun.
Luxury cake
Some elegant luxury wedding, in the number of guests, on-site large cake can be applied, together with results of dry ice smoke, can show the wedding style. The bottom layer of the cake part is really fresh milk cake and cut the cake is cut when the same real cake.

This type of cake is often used for the party, in fact, the small pastries are convenient to eat the cake, the guests to the wedding can be enjoyed on its own arbitrary, it is self-cake! BACK