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Small trick easy to get wedding planning wedding programmes

Life priority, wedding programs new people often are willing to personally plan to look forward to unique. Wedding is a dream stage for achieving beautiful, detail decides success or failure, with small make up look at what margin did not expect it!
1, the wedding planning and wedding links as a whole, to ensure the unity of style.
2, suggest there is more interaction between host and guest, the guest for the newlyweds, the couple also has a gift to send, but also some live events to increase emotional exchanges between friends.
3, planning is important, but more important, be sure to take into account the realization of the plan and operational, this will allow later implementation much easier.
4, exaggerated details of floral decoration, color dot, or are some of the more rare decorative material used, is to increase the amazing magic of the wedding.
5, will love your sweetheart wedding invitations to make a map, with each wedding location for your memorable name table, and then at the check in desk ready for hand-drawn comic love story of two people, a romantic love story began.
6, or replacing traditional materials with special little gifts made wedding invitations, for example a small puzzle game, and prepared big surprises before the wedding. BACK