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Small table grade creative table grade collection

    "details determine success or failure", the words of wisdom are also suitable for wedding planning as a whole. For example, on seemingly simple table wedding table number plate design. If you just use an A4 paper print numbers, then folded in half again, in the middle of the table, then it will definitely become a major failing of the wedding. In fact, small brands to creative and thinking about the table.

     Style 1 original base


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    plug put table grades of base is easy to overlook, but it is most likely creative gadget. Grade base design is the table with the wedding theme, to echo the theme for the purpose. For example, ocean theme wedding Beach, the base can use shell; wedding you can choose wine wine Villa sailai wood insert plate. Worth noting is that style and number of designs to match the base.

    simple Style 2

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    simple table grades only renders a table number, stand out clearly, for low-key, simple wedding scene. Simple and low-key tastes and ideas reflected in the paper's choice, number, font, hanging position, and background color. Background color or font color and theme color of the wedding as possible consistent, and echoes; hanging position in addition to standing at the table, you can also hang back or hanging ornaments on the desktop.

    Style 3 colours new

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    numbers to avoid monotony, increased around the digital pattern is the most common form of design. Designs you can select representative plants according to the wedding season, or roses, lilies and other flowers happiness meaning. Recommended not too loud or distracting, number loses its main digital function. Also you can select the lace, and wedding theme color hues echo.

    Style 4 love material

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    number plate making use of paper, both facilitate and reduce costs. But if you really put your mind to do a little change of wedding will be full of small details become interesting. For example, special baking heart-shaped cookies, by Digital Chocolate labels stickers in art dishes table number; lace cloth can also come in handy ... ... Have any ideas, as long as you use your head, you can increase for their wedding as beautiful.