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Naked wedding-"network wedding"

Online wedding steps:
--Electronic wedding invitations
Network electronic wedding invitations are essential, especially to guests new, when making electronic invitations, it is best to attach a small figure of the marriage certificate and wedding photos, and secondly, to inform you in advance of online wedding process tables and built home page linking to you, the best SMS notification to avoid everyone thought it was a joke on the Internet.
--Select site
Now has professional of website hosted network wedding, and some website completely free, only need first registered information, on can opened personal of wedding page, then again application opened Live service, on can and world around of friends share you of wedding video, and many of new select synchronization of wedding, married banquet and network wedding while held, ahead of making of video and site latest of video are can at any time upload, let cannot to participate in of friends also can share joy.
Couple's wedding Web page there are two, a traditional wedding is secondary, after the wedding, building a wedding Web page, and set the number of columns, such as "wedding photos", "honeymoon", "story of us" and so on, as a souvenir, friends and family can browse at any time, message blessing. There are also newcomers choose to marry in your Web pages instead of the traditional wedding.
--To create a personal Web page
Online marriage site focused on entertaining, and generally has an associated online marriage procedures, available for weddings, decorate a new House, purchase of furniture, beautiful interface. Select the site and then build their own Web page is a good choice, but have their own personal wedding Web page makes more sense.
Find specialist or himself DIY established personal page, application a domain name of costs one years about in 300 yuan to 500 Yuan ranging, from domain name to logo are can free according to two a people of name, to application and build, except can and relatives interactive, ornamental video, also can into two a people of souvenirs, annual celebration when transform color and theme are can as gift to other.
--Joy and share
Netizens have also become an important part of modern people's life, if not met, but may have a common interest, or free help questions, clubs or networks of friends, real and virtual at times in close proximity. Modern also needs the network's blessing, in themselves often go to forums or Exchange communication has also become part of the social.
Couple to invite all friends to attend the wedding, but was in the game. Meet Fei and Nana in the game, went on to become true lovers, the two decided to get married, decided to marry in the virtual world. Requirements many games friends while on the line, of course, does not participate in the games, but choosing the right "clothes" stood by guests, and tokens are treasures in the game. By the game's "respectable" leader to declare both online and offline as husband and wife. Guests send you need more hours in the day to get to the treasure, for gamers, these treasures are definitely expensive wedding gift.
-Electronic thank you card
Many couples will have the wedding video editing video into MTV class, making some thank you cards or virtual gifts to friends and family back in the world is also a good way.
--Changed virtual identity
Happy NET, Facebook and other networking tools for all needs to modify a content, that is, information from single to married, although the virtual world without moral restraint, but reflect a subconscious you more virtual worlds, which is more the real you, virtual world promises to make them sweeter.
Wedding Online dating--they are generally met through the Internet, after the chat has a certain feeling, that is love. Some love to come to fruition, and married, but the wedding is the traditional wedding, also known as wedding, is because they are using the networks met, fell in love and got married.
For the crowd--people who fell in love over a network.
Live--this type generally refers to both traditional wedding live and live online. Difference is, plenty of on-site wedding and Webcast simultaneously, cannot be passed to the friends and family you can synchronize on the Internet their own blessings. Some are traditional wedding, then carved into hair to go online, to share with friends and relatives.
For the crowd--one in the field, or if both parents are not around, and greater possibility of holding an online wedding. And both sides are very interested in the network, meanwhile, also put high demands on technology, for example, broadband video software, servers, and so on must be in one step.
Virtual--this type of virtual network game or in the Forum, there are no flowers, no diamond ring, some computers and a lot of friends on the Internet. New people in the game by mouse and keyboard manipulation may carry a special network of wedding.
-If you are in love, the traditional wedding consumption according to the parties ' economic consumption capabilities and preferences. If is network site live type, so consumption to slightly high some, because you not only to paid site traditional of wedding costs, also to paid operators by provides video software of costs (if has may, website also to charged part costs), to wants to reached sound, and picture, high standards, consumption cost natural also to high some, so, must and related website and local of operators communication good.
For a virtual network for the wedding, the wedding is simple, so the cost is very low, you only need to spend the usual Internet and to buy equipment (such as wedding dresses, flowers, etc) games Q coins, let alone game Q coin is also virtual. How to organize the network finished the scene of wedding after the wedding, burn to disc, or instant process of wedding photos, sent on the Internet, could not attend the wedding to friends and relatives and friends together to enjoy.
But some newcomers like weddings and live Web site together, so that friends and relatives can synchronize both from the field to the wedding, blessing at the same time synchronization that is. General contact and local operators in this way, to ensure the accuracy of sound, light, and is provided through the operator may only be a specialized video software, more technical requirements. While and Web sites to communicate directly, through a network of platforms to the public.
Of course, if you still want to hold a virtual wedding online game, you must know the network game, coupled with the friends you made at the online game, you help your virtual wedding crowd applauded.
Wedding--the Internet advantages
1, a separate page designed as a souvenir
2, could join in friends and family network wedding
3, the virtual world of "friend" sharing the joy
Commitment 4, the online world
5, cost savings BACK