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Married actress national Chao Feng Shui expert analysis mystery

Karen Mok, Gigi, Sonija Kwok ... ... All of these familiar actress were married during the national day! In addition to the traditional Chinese gold and nine silver ten wedding season, which also has what's the mystery? We invited renowned metaphysical expert analysis of its drawback in Hong Kong for you behind the secret. In addition, also special teach you how to choose auspicious married, very practical Oh!
October 1 is the day-definite service, its drawback, said this day is auspicious, very suitable for weddings, Sonija Kwok and Karen on October 1 get married, they are very good. Its drawback, says: "where have stable meanings, this day represents the future of marriage marriage is stable with little twists and turns. "
In contrast, Gigi, on October 3 and Spain take boyfriend consummation, relatively not appropriate. Its drawback, says: "on October 3 is broken, does not agree with the Chinese, but GiGi was married in a foreign country, it is possible to resolve. "And fortunately, Gigi's wedding in Spain on October 3 on the ground, to the Chinese people, is already October 4, so Gigi fans can try to relax! BACK