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Little creativity how to customize the wedding professional wedding

Wedding VI, Visual recognition system by definition is the wedding, since the reference system, then there must be an overall concept. Basic wedding VI include: wedding logo, sign, welcome mat, backgrounds, gift packaging, and so on, and even some newcomers will custom-designed costumes, enhanced wedding watch. How to customize your own wedding VI?
New people with VI for the wedding are not sufficiently aware, so when looking for a wedding, no special advice related matters. Part of the wedding Design Department, and no professional designers exclusively for the wedding, and make individual VI, because in addition to the need for a long time, but cost is relatively high. But now more and more people realized that "individuality" of the importance of, and would rather spend more money, but also to get high-end design, also prompting more designers working on wedding VI design.
So when selecting a designer, demand to see work is without a doubt the first designers design style consistent with your needs, can design the appetite of VI.
Second, put forward the most direct appeal
Communicate with designers, the most taboo thing: you as you see fit.
For designers, highest requirements is not required, because he doesn't know any of the couple emotional preference, will not start. Best is to present the most direct requirements: for example, I wanted a can embody this character we love animals VI; VI I want to a marine-style, and so on.
Color trends can be dominated by personal preference.
Third, providing effective information
In addition to his requests, provide your own information is necessary.
More information because you, designer combinations more creative direction, more acquainted with your character, find one of the most "points" to be designed.
So when the design requirements, please provide designers with a great deal of information, including photos of the couple, to the designers about their emotional experiences and so on.
IV, Vi modification time
VI to modify the matter, it is different. Some people have too much constructive advice, designers will be very satisfied with the straightforward decision. But some of the more thoughtful people, for wedding is very high, designers may not be for the couple to a satisfactory, which faces change. Proposed amendments must be timely, logo samples from time to time, because VI package many elements have to opt out of the logo, to a wide range of changes.
In addition, design and modify the limit is typically 3 times, would require more timely and prudent decision. BACK