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Holding flowers brighten autumn beautiful bride

Bridal bouquets is integral to the wedding of a beautiful decoration, also accompany the bride go through moments of important witnesses, is a symbol of love with age of the token. Filled with blessings and looking forward to the wedding and other unmarried girls, "to grab the bouquet can be the ideal partner" sweet legend and actively compete for the bride throws the bouquet, it is a wedding in the most exciting part! Do you want to have on your wedding a beam of only their own bouquets? These flowers are not just simple flowers together, it also implies your inner emotions and personal preferences.
Sea of purple potato with black feather: flower is the purple sea potato, love, wealth, love. With black feathers are more luxurious and mysterious. However, this holding for brides in China, is a great challenge. Black or dark in Chinese weddings, after all, is still very taboo. Therefore, small advice, it may be replaced by white or black feathers Argent, White Sea Yu can also have the same meaning.
True or false flowers mix: choose the wedding bouquets, sometimes because of seasonal or geographical reasons, does not live up to the ideal of perfection. Small suggestion is, select true or false to mix, so you can make your bouquets and more vivid. For example the hand holding, diamond hard paste from real flowers, so you need silk flowers as secondary.
This paired with cotton in his hands as embellishment, are immediately reminiscent of green and natural. Grace. Make a cotton bride. BACK