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Different wedding candles romantic legends

In old of Western wedding in the, wedding Shang will lit three only candle, around sides of candle representative groom and bride their of family, middle of a only big candle symbol combined of new of family, both family respectively lit representative himself of candle, new will respectively blow out representative groom and bride home of candle, then together lit middle of candle, this support candle than next of two only family of candle big some, symbol one, also said "marriage of candle". Today, the cultural blend of East and West with the wedding wedding candles and assimilation into Chinese wedding customs, there would be a couple lit candles meaning happy at the wedding, as wedding candles will also appear on the layout of the wedding, as a decoration, beautiful warm.
As wedding candles become relevant, all kinds of candles abound, such as jelly candles, aromatherapy candles, candle, and shape is different. Wedding planning and layout, to live as decorative candles can be present in road sign, dining table, or even as a gift for the guests. Small make up today to bring you several unique wedding candles, new people can learn from, or you can DIY your own.

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