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Comprehensive analytic wedding planning process

1th step in the wedding planning process: gathering relevant information
After the people in determining the auspicious, you should first search for wedding information, everybody is a first priority in life, for a glimpse of the wedding, the massive reading. After you understand after the General, the couple can take advantage of a two-day weekend, make a pot of good tea, long to brainstorm, established wedding planning templates in order to communicate with Wedding Planner first to confirm feasibility.
2nd step in the wedding planning process: venue Scouting
Wedding venue is your beautiful dream stage, relative to other wedding venues can be said to be in the wedding planning process for the determination of a "top priority". After the preliminary approval of what wedding theme, looking for a wedding venue has become a matter of urgency, by telephone to obtain wedding Hotel brochure, again 2-3 Wedding Hall "Incognito", you can select your "dream house"
3rd step in the wedding planning process: meeting with wedding
Through the choice of the first step, a preliminary idea at the same time, you can also start looking for ideal wedding company, also has a way to find wedding company is "word of mouth" investigations, by people around to do a survey about wedding company. Determine the appropriate wedding company, interviewed for the first time with the wedding planning is important, because it is a wedding planner and judgement do you fit ...
4th step in the wedding planning process: selection of staff
Your groomsmen bridesmaids candidate is negative. Looking for the friends and family to help you do the "unsung heroes", the first stage, to staff these candidates identified, called one by one, so that we have a bottom, in place.
5th step in the wedding planning process:
First estimates the number of wedding is directly related to your wedding venue booked, so both parents, the new "Quartet" post, to start to attend the wedding of their number, last number summary, call in the first round can be launched separately. BACK