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18 simple steps to easily cope with wedding little

Before the wedding, you're ready to make the most beautiful actress, skin and hair care so much appropriateness, dreamy dresses and Crystal high heel shoes are already in place, yet rejoice in some unexpected and frustrating! It's nothing! Following small series will teach you some tricks to cope with these conditions, ensure that you are the most perfect beautiful bride on your wedding day.
1, look at photographs of their leaving the bachelorette party, you find Liangzhuang dessert hasn't come yet before fading! But you didn't sweat at the party! How to get makeup on your wedding day maintained it till the end of the wedding?
Solution: the makeup before the wedding, choose which does not contain any oil or grease liquid Foundation. It is like a sponge, like adsorption, the day fixed to prevent makeup Foundation or from skin loss.
2, after the show, you find yourself with the exception of Khan agents cannot drive out the body's sweat.
Solution: clinical utility of sweat removal agent is actually stops up the sweat gland. The night before, just under your arm or other sweaty spray, inter alia Khan agents more time to penetrate the body.
3, in order to study the wedding budget, your elbow propped up on the desk for a long time, and now the elbows is dry and molt.
Solution: you have a lot of facial horny (even removing dry skin of the lips) knowledge, how can we ignore the elbow the details? Don't worry, the shower elbow with sea salt scrub to remove dead skin, let the emulsion to better penetrate the skin.
4, when you attempt to thick hair styling--trying a new hairstyle, heat setting, test new products ... ... Make hair a mess.
Solution: with salt water spray on damp hair and style as usual, and finally to dry naturally. It can make hair more dense, more elegant.
5, go to a party you need to replaced the gorgeous wedding dress, but worried about cosmetics, stained white wedding dress.
Solution: choose durable oil-free Foundation, it can absorb oil and lock in moisture, thus making it more firm and lasting.
6, Wedding Eve, you find previously dyed hair has faded to ugly is not beautiful.
Solution: don't go to the Salon Hair again. Buy a close to your natural hair color, hair dye, using one or two times before the wedding and will make your hair color again dazzling, eye-catching. BACK