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Tianjin joy wedding planning company was founded in June 2005, the spirit of "by the people, and loyal people" services have been developed so far, won the praise of the community, in particular by receiving wedding planning services from the company of new people is to give our service a good reputation. Care training has senior full-time Wedding Planning Division more than 20 more than, real achieved has one-on-one of service concept, Wedding Planning Division will in and new of communication process in the, in-depth understand new on wedding form of requirements, and in thereafter fusion new of envisaged and itself professional of knowledge for whole field wedding for carefully planning, build thousands of field style different of wedding, let new in sacred wedding held of day points bright they life in the and a lamp love of lamp. Company will send the specified wedding planner to every wedding scene for the couple to provide full services.
Joy wedding planning wedding host owned and trained dozens of gold, caring experienced cameramen and photographers will present the effect of icing on the entire wedding. Bride under professional star makeup artists to create elaborate more noble and elegant temperament. Professional wedding planning team is bound to make your wedding Hall shines. Professional model created, lead the trend of fashion. Care would like to put wedding planning pioneer flag, walked in front of the fashion tide waves, draw nutrients to enrich their own professional knowledge of trends, focus on team work together to add luster for the wedding planning industry.